Why I Use Adfly?

June 5, 2012 at 4:10 am Leave a comment

Adfly is a free link shortening service. Now why would you need your link shortened you ask? Well there are two major reasons I can think of 1) You are using a service like twitter that only allows you a certain number of characters per message or 2) You are a part of an affiliate program and you would like to cloak your link to protect your potential earnings. Either way Adfly is a decent service that helps you in this matter. I current use Adfly however I am looking into other service because I also use Google Analytics and my bounce rate is extremely high. My theory is that the ads shown before they actually direct my traffic to the main site is scaring my customers off because it may not be what they bargained for. It is a great service and I have heard of many people who use it to much success but for me I don’t think it works best for what I am trying to achieve.

Update: 8/15/2012- For people who cloak there affiliate links with bit.ly please be aware that it does notify the end user that the link my be someplace you may not want to visit. Goo.gl which is google’s link shortening service also is partaking in this type service. So once again adfly has to be the most useable link shortening service for affiliate marketers using links to your publishers website. Linkbucks is also a good on but I have ran into issues with that as well.


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